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Our Service Standards

How We Deal With The Initial Stage Of Your Case

  • Your concerns and objectives will be clearly identified and discussed in detail at the outset.
  • We will examine and advise on all the legal, evidential, procedural, commercial and strategic issues.
  • We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and every option available for achieving your objectives.
  • An individual legal service is then tailor-made with a view to maximising your prospects of achieving your objectives and which accommodates your specific needs.

How We Treat The Solicitor / Client Relationship

  • We treat the solicitor / client relationship as a close working ‘partnership’ and our competitive spirit drives us to achieve our partners’ objectives. (It is for this reason that we have acquired a phenomenal track record for successfully achieving those objectives at court trials and in other forms of dispute resolution).

How We Will Communicate With You

  • If you want to meet us, or we feel we should meet you, we will meet at your preferred location – we do not believe that it is right to ask you to travel to our offices. We will also meet at your preferred time even if that is in the evening or at the weekend – we believe your time is valuable and that you should be inconvenienced as little as possible.
  • All your dealings with this firm will be with your solicitor – you will not find yourself dealing unnecessarily with a receptionist, secretary or trainee solicitor.
  • Practically all in-coming telephone calls are answered when they are received and, if not, we will return your call on the same day. All in-coming written communications are also dealt with on the same day or, on those few occasions when this is not possible, they are dealt with on the following day.
  • We issue regular up-date reports in those periods when the progress of your case does not require any contact between us so you are aware of its status and so you can monitor the progress being made.

We feel this is the absolute minimum level of service necessary to compliment the specialist nature of what we do and the quality of our legal advice and assistance.