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Applications Against Directors / Employees Prohibiting Them From Working

Richard Moss Solicitors was instructed to act on behalf of a director of a Plc whose employment had been terminated.

On 10 April 2013, the Plc served legal proceedings on our director client which were accompanied by an application for an interim injunction. If the application for an interim injunction was granted by the Court, it would have had the effect of preventing our director client from working in the only business he had known since 1987 for six months.

Immediately before the Court hearing on 19 April 2013, the Plc’s substantive claim, and its application for an interim injunction, were¬†settled but on terms that none of the parties would make any public statement on the terms of settlement.

Whilst we would like to reveal the settlement terms we secured for our client, we cannot do so. Nevertheless, we believe it is safe to say that, since 19 April 2013, our director client has been actively working in the only business he has known since 1987!