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Our Fixed Fees for Landlords Bringing Possession Proceedings Against Residential Tenants

We offer the following services on a fixed fee basis:

Obtaining an Order for Possession


Standard Possession Proceedings (i.e. an Order for Possession and a money claim in respect of rent arrears) £450
Accelerated Possession Proceedings (i.e. an Order for Possession only) £350


Enforcing an Order for Possession


Requesting a Warrant of Possession (i.e. instructing bailiffs to enforce an Order for Possession by evicting defaulting tenants) £85


Our fixed fee offers are subject to terms and conditions. For example, the figures referred to above are subject to VAT and exclude disbursements.

We also offer fixed fees, again subject to terms and conditions, for other aspects of a landlord’s claim against residential tenants such as:

  • Preparing and / or serving section 21 and section 8 notices requiring possession of property.
  • Enforcing money judgments, for example, by requesting a Warrant of Execution (i.e. instructing bailiffs to seize and then sell goods belonging to defaulting tenants).

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our fixed fees for residential possession proceedings.