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Client Questionnaire

May we take this opportunity to thank you for kindly instructing us to advise you on, and to assist you with, your recent case.

Now that your case has concluded, we would be extremely grateful if you would take a brief moment to complete our Client Questionnaire because we are keen to know how you thought we performed and how you think we can improve.

(It should not take more than 1 to 2 minutes to complete the Questionnaire).

  • For example, to what extent did we (a) act in a professional, helpful and personal manner and (b) respond to your letters, emails and telephone calls immediately or, if not, within 24 hours?
  • For example, to what extent did we provide legal advice that was (a) in writing, specifically addressed to the issues in your case and clearly presented or (b) conveyed by telephone only, in general terms and unclear?
  • If you have no objection then we would refer to you as, for example, 'Mr John Smith of ABC Ltd, a property investment company based in Manchester' but if you object then we will simply refer to you as' Mr S of a property investment company based in Manchester'.